You, your projects and the people around you

Definition, planning, execution, control and closure all work hand-in-hand to determine the final outcome of the project. A project, whether it be a product launch, roadshow, Trade Fare, exhibition
or conference, isn’t something that’s part of normal business operations. It’s typically created once, it’s temporary, and it’s specific. It has a beginning and an end, and has funding limits.

We work with the business sponsor or manager who wants to
have the project implemented and other stakeholders who have
a vested interest in the outcome of the project. We pride ourselves
on delivering a successful project on time and within budget to create an immersive brand experience for your potential clients
and customers.


Bespoke Custom Made Stands

With over thirty years combined expertise and knowledge,
24-Seven Grand Stands have been delivering high-end indoor exhibition and shopping mall stands to leading companies throughout South Africa.


We handle every aspect of the project from initial shopping mall/event/exhibition booking, concept and design to manufacture and installation - all of course keeping within the parameters of your brand identity.


24-Seven Grand Stands understands that your company needs to make a strong impact at the event you are attending in order to attract potential new clients and customers to your business - this is where we come in with our fully bespoke exhibition stand design, experience and service.


Short-term Retail Environments

24-Seven Grand Stands design and manufacture short-term
retail environments for your customers to experience your products firsthand. Merchants often use pop-up shops to reach new customers and test out a physical retail environment.


The pop-up model is flexible, and there a number of ways to do it. Because they are small-scale, pop-ups provide an opportunity for business owners to be creative and use innovative merchandising techniques to attract passersby. 24-Seven Grand Stands will provide you with an engaging appearance and innovative design. Successful pop-ups combine a good location and retail concept to create an experience that customers will remember.


Redefine internal spaces with our unique and inspiring designs for both corporate and commercial interiors. Our design team ensure a space is not only beautiful, but truly functional too.


We pride ourselves on our involvement throughout every process of a project. Our ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to design and fabrication ensure that the quality of the work we produce remains high and faithful to the original design. This keeps things simple, efficient and economical for our clients.


Bring imagination to life

We are a creative collective from a mix of design disciplines, we deliver market-leading designs and have the expertise to adapt and apply our methods to each client’s specific project needs.

3D rendering is a vital tool to preview and communicate stand design to potential purchasers. With the help of 3D rendered images, one can show the way the stand/interior looks even before the construction begins. A rendered image is created from a 3D CAD model and provides a realistic and detailed view of the project including space orientation, fabrication and finish options.


The attention to detail behind all our design projects and products is what drives us forward, as well as the relationship we build with our client along the way.